Members may be recruited from a  number of internal and external organizations. Project managers must  bring together diverse teams to produce the expected business results  while maintaining communications and relative harmony. The Jung  Myers-Briggs test is often used to identify personality types that make  up a team. Armed with this information project team members may have a  better idea of how best to approach, work with, and communicate with  other members.

If you have previously taken the Myers-Briggs test then you may use  that information here. If you have not taken the test before then please  take the Jung Typology Test (Links to an external site.),  tell us your four letter Myers-Briggs description, and briefly describe  its meaning. Tell us if you believe the result accurately describes you  and the potential strengths and weaknesses your personality type has in  working in teams and or in relationships. (There are sources that  discuss this). Replies should contain at least 200 words and be  supported by at least one professional or academic source other than the  textbook.