No Plegarism please, assignment will be checked with Turnitin. 

Will need 10 presentation Slides, plus title, and reference Slide, APA Style, and (3 references within 5 years 2014-2018) with intext citations). 


The purpose of this Assignment is for you to design a method of communicating age appropriate screening guidelines to the appropriate population. This can be a  10 slide PowerPoint presentation.



1.         Select a screening test and the age appropriate population at risk.

 (I chose Obesity) 

2.         Introduce the screening and why you selected it.

(BMI Screening for obesity – Obesity can promote, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease just a few)

3.         Outline the relevant group statistics related to the population as well as the impact of obesity on women’s health.

4.         Discuss the issues impacting screening.

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