What are your thoughts

Euthanasia is “a physician or other person who performs the last act that causes death; in other words, the physician or other person kills the patient” (Frey & Blackwell, 2018). Euthanasia is different from “assisted suicide” which is “a person’s bringing about his or her own death with the help of another person” (Frey & Blackwell, 2018). I do not agree with euthanasia because I feel as healthcare providers; we are called to help people. Medical doctors take an oath “to do no harm.” Euthanasia is doing or not doing something that causes death. This action is not helping individuals; it is inevitably causing harm to the patient.

Assisted suicide which is often times confused with euthanasia is definitely an ethics discussion as it is now legal in a few states. “As of 2017, assisted suicide was permitted by law in California, Colorado, Washington D.C, Montana, Oregon, Vermont and Washington” (Frey & Blackwell, 2018). The reason I say this is definitely an ethics discussion is because I do understand both sides. I feel as a nurse, I would never want to assist in this because instead of helping the individual; I am harming them and leading to their death, which is not what I want to be a part of. However, I do understand that sometimes the pain and suffering for those is too great and they know when they can no longer take any more suffering from their terminal illness. It is a very difficult situation to be in.

There are two video that I have watched on the topic that really allowed me to see another side of this discussion. I have attached the links below: if you are interested in a patient’s side of the this topic. It is about the Story of Brittany Maynard.