The initial post MUST include the main concepts in this rubric. The discussion should have at least two references within the last 5 years in APA 6th Format. Students may use the book as one reference source, but a minimum of two references is require 2015 and over .Always cite your sources . minimun of 2 parragraph of 5 sentences each one.

DB1   due date 5-11-20

Describe how your future practice as an advanced practice nurse can promote access to health care in your area. Be specific about the interventions that you will do?

DB 2   due date 5-25-20

Medicare or Medicaid –which has greater impact in your state- florida

DB 3  due date 7-20-20

List the elements of malpractice and give examples of each element in professional nursing practice, including ways to avoid or lessen the potential of future malpractice cases

DB 4   due date  7-30-20

1.Prepare examples of various coding and billing issues that you have experienced in the clinical setting (Peds and women’s health)

2.Provide a brief description about the NPI numbers for nurse practitioners

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