Critique your article of choice using the Research Critique Rubric and following components:

  • Identification of the research question/problem/hypothesis.
  • Identification of topics explored in review of literature.
  • Identification/definition of research methodology and design
  • Description of subjects/participants in the study.
  • Exploration of ethical issues and protection of human subjects.
  • Data analysis.
  • Discussion of findings.
  • Use of additional sources from nursing journals.
  • APA style (title page, abstract, citations and reference page).
  • Demonstration of professional grammar and organization.
  • The critique should be a scholarly written paper to include a 3-5 typewritten pages in length, excluding the title page, abstract, and reference page.
  • Papers must be submitted in APA format with any direct quotes.
  • Complete the critique with the use of outside references that adequately critique your article. An example of a valid outside reference would include your course text.

Review and use the Research Critique Rubric to critique your article.